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Hello & thank you for visiting my website. My name is Kevin Maschewski, I am the owner and President of Adirondack Designers, Inc. As a custom home builder, living on the shores of beautiful Lake George, I recognized the need for a builder to be multi-disciplined in the architectural design, site planning and residential home construction arenas. I recognized the need for a company that understands the local town & state zoning regulations which are inherent with developing within the Adirondack State Park as well as developing along the shores of Lake George. Preserving the ecology of Lake George & the Adirondack Mountains was the driving motivation to create such a company. In early 2000, I formed Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc. a residential designer & builder concentrating on the design and construction of high end homes and estates along the shores of prestigious Lake George and the peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.

Adirondack Designers, Inc. is exactly what I envisioned, a multi-disciplined firm specializing in custom home design and construction with the added features of site planning, and the preparation and presentations of projects to the local Zoning and Planning Boards. We specialize in new construction of lakefront and lake view homes & estates, large or small and major renovation projects. If you already have a set of house plans and are looking for a reputable builder,we certainly can build from your plans as well. Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc. has set the standard as the premier residential designer and home builder in the Lake George region and has created some of the most awe-inspiring homes ever to be seen along the shores of Lake George.

As a former graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 1987, I achieved my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with my minor studies in Architecture. In addition to my college back ground, my Engineering experience is quite extensive stemming from my Civil Engineering position in land development with the well known Engineering firm Clough, Harbour and Associates in Albany. The culmination of both College & Civil Engineering experience has afforded me the knowledge and professionalism to tackle the most stringent zoning & planning regulations associated with building along the shores of Lake George.

I primarily can attribute the overall success and growth of Adirondack Designers, Inc. to the concept of "Design/Build". This concept assures my customers a satisfied piece of mind, thereby eliminating unwanted surprises, fewer headaches, and an unmatched time progression from the homes design to the move in date. As owner of the company, I will be solely responsible for the "Design" phase of a project. Upon establishing a cost budget and molding the "scope of work" for the project, I will provide my clients with initial concept drawings of the home, assisting them w/ design decisions throughout the entire process. Ultimately together we will achieve the final home design, complete with specifications & construction drawings, necessary for construction. Simultaneously during the design stage is the completion and submission of the the Town & State approvals. I will be responsible for all the Zoning & Planning Board approvals and ensuring the receipt of a Building Permit. Upon receiving the Building Permit the project will progress into the "Build" or construction phase. Our in house Project Managers will then take the dream to a reality. Every construction project is overseen by a well experienced Project Manager who will ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship and will keep the project on time & within budget.

At Adirondack Designers, we take pride in every detail from the initial design of the home to the finish craftsmanship that our carpenters & cabinet makers provide. I truly believe "if you can dream it, we can build it". Please take a look at my Photo Gallery and experience my clients dreams made into reality and please remember, it is a partnership between their dreams and my imagination that creates these majestic homes suitable for royalty. Thank You.