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A "Diamond in the Rough" truly has emerged in the prestigous region of Lake George, NY. Adirondack Designers, Inc. is creating some of the most awe-inspiring homes ever to be seen along the shores of Lake George.

Kevin Maschewski, owner and President of Adirondack Designers, Inc., recognized the need for a company to be multi-disciplined in the architectural design, site planning and construction arenas. He recognized the need for a company that understands the local zoning issues associated with developing lakefront properties and a company that understands the importance of maintaining and preserving the ecology of Lake George. Thus, Adirondack Designers, Inc. was formed in early 2000, with their office based out of Lake George, NY.

Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc. is a multi-disciplined firm specializing in custom home design and construction with added features of site planning, preparing and presenting projects to the local Zoning and Planning Boards. We specilaize in lakefront and lake view homes, small or big. When you sign with Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc. to design and build your new home, you have hired one of the smartest and well prepared in the business. Kevin, a former graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), acheived his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with his minor studies in Architechture. In addition to his education, Kevin's resume is quite impressive, stemming from his engineering position with the well known engineering firm Clough Harbour and Associates as a civil engineer in land development, to his highly technical national sales position with Oldcastle, an international precast concrete company, developing and selling buildings to the cable TV industry for their fiber infrastructure upgrades.

Adirondack Designers, Inc. has completed an impressive quantity of homes in the Lake George area, an accomplishment even more impressive when you realize the complex and stringent zoning issues associated with building along the shores of Lake George. The growth of the company is primarily due to the attribute of design/build concept that Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc. offers. The professionalism and experience that Kevin demonstrates allow him to resolve and satisfy planning and zoning issues and concentrate on the owners' wants and needs, for a truly custom design. As a local resident, Kevin's face is quite familiar to the town zoning boards and Kevin himself is more than proficient in the town zoning laws and regulations. This piece of mind assures customers fewer headaches and more satisfaction during the home's design and building process.

Upon the conception of Adirondack Designers, Inc., Kevin had intended to construct one to two homes per year. However, once the grandeur of these Adirondack-style masterpieces were in the public eye, the company was persuaded by inquiries and contracts to boost production to three to four homes per year. Noting the beautiful architecture and the difficulty of building sites, the relatively small three to four quantity becomes much more... that of a colossal achievement. For now, Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc. wishes to stay with a relatively small customer base to enable a closer relationship with their clientele. As Kevin indicates, designing a truly custom home takes a lot of time and dedication by himself, the designer and the homeowners. Attention has to be paid to every detail, as well as attention to the owners' wants and needs. A large percentage of Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc.'s customers have properties on the lake with pre-existing camps or cottages which are in desperate need of some kind of renovation or replacement. Initially, ADK Designers, Inc. will complete a feasibility/structural inspection on the existing structure to determine if renovation is possible or if a new structure should be designed and built to replace the decades-old camp. Ultimately it is a partnership between the owner's dreams and Kevin's imagination that creates these majestic homes suitable for royalty as seen here.

Obviously, it is easy to see why Adirondack Designers, Inc. is the premier design and construction firm in the Lake George region. And what's more encouraging is listening to Kevin talk about what he does. He absolutely loves what he does, and as we can see, he does it well. Sitting down and talking to Kevin about the homes he designs is one of the more memorable moments one will go through in the home building experience. Kevin's energy towards home building is contagious. Listening to him speak about his designs and the building process raises the eyebrow and sparks similar enthusiasm in all that are involved. What is very evident in all the homes designed and built by Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc. is the elegance and presence of the Adirondack-style architecture. Kevin certainly achieved the Adirondack style and flair by giving each home a rustic, cozy, yet elegant and comfortable feel. Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc. is not necessarily tied down to the overwhelmingly large complex palaces. In fact, Kevin has been quoted as saying, "Quality is better than quantity," a phrase that is evident in his portfolio of houses ranging in size between 2,300 square feet and 5,200 square feet.

Setting the standard as the premier residential design and building firm in the Lake George region is no small accomplishment. In addition, becoming one of the best in the business in such a short period of time is a larger accomplishment. Upon hearing the name Adirondack Designers & Builders, Inc., one is assured that there are few that can compare to the over-all beauty and detail that goes into every house built. Providing the full spectrum of services that Adirondack Designers, Inc. offers their customers, creating a home with Kevin will be an experience that will last a lifetime. Congratulations, Kevin, on your accomplishments. You are truly "A Diamond in the Rough."

For more information about Adirondack Designers, Inc., you can contact us at PO. Box 181, Lake George, NY 12845, by phone at (518) 668-0109, or by fax at (518) 668-3099.

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